Imagine Inclusion are a dedicated and passionate group of people who work with communities and individuals to promote well-being, mental health, inclusion in a variety of ways. We are also trained and training Psychotherapists and love to work in creative and imaginative ways.


Emotion Coaching is a way of responding to a person ‘in the moment’ with an emphasis on listening empathically and is ‘a way of being’ with another person, focusing on healthy, respectful relationships. Guidance and boundaries are also at the heart of using an Emotion Coaching approach.


Dr John Gottman developed Emotion Coaching based on his work with ‘couples’ who were having Relationship Therapy and his work with parents. After completing a variety of scientific studies, Dr Gottman concluded that the key to good parenting lies in understanding the emotional reasons behind behaviours. Four identified styles of parenting were studied with results favouring an Emotion Coaching Style.


“Traditionally, Emotion Coaching is an approach that is noted to be at The Heart of Parenting and is presented in a 5-step method that builds emotional aptitude and creates positive, long-lasting effects for children and young-people”

(Dr John Gottman)

Researchers have found that emotional awareness and ability to handle feelings determines your success and happiness. Dr Gottman’s Theory and work has been adapted for schools and learning settings to enable educators to explore, understand and develop expression of emotions, support guidance / boundary development and solution finding skills from an education and care basis.


1. Be aware of young person’s emotion

2. Recognize expression of emotion as a perfect moment for connection and teaching

3. Listen with empathy and validate the person’s feelings

4. Help the person learn to label their emotions with words

5. Set limits when you are helping the person to solve problems or deal with upsetting situations appropriately

Emotion Coaching Training consists of one full day and a follow up session, both online. Course materials, handouts and a link for the session will be sent to you via email prior to the first training day.


This course has been designed by Dr Marnie Aston in partnership with Emotion Coaching UK. All courses consist of one training day and a follow up session - these may be delivered or in person.