At Imagine Inclusion We CARE.  Our services are delivered with Compassion And Relational Empathic attunement.  This means that we have skills and knowledge for working with children, young-people, adults and families who have lived experiences of Attachment & Bonding disruption, Relational Trauma, Trauma, Loss, Relationships, Loss  & Recovering.

We work in schools and with learning communities to promote mental wealth, inclusion and understanding of self and other.  Consultation, coaching, training, supervision, assessments  and therapeutic interventions are delivered with kindness and compassion.

Imagine Inclusion work with Care Settings to promote mental  health and inclusion to develop skills, knowledge and care for young people and those who work in the settings.

We work in communities using Art, Creativity and Imagination for expression and connetion. An Ecological Approach to Mental Health  Promotion (Aston, 2012) is central to our ethos to ensure we work in a person-centred way, valuing everyone as a unique individual. We  are understanding  to individual life experiences and relationships that may have impacted on identity and self-development.  We are curious about the systems in which people love in, work in and are a part of and how these systems impact in direct and indirect ways.

 Imagine Inclusion value integrity, embrace creativity and are passionate about promoting a healthy  balanced way of being and living. 

 We provide bespoke training ‘in-person’ or on a ‘virtual platform’ on:

  • Psychological Approaches to inform Relational Care
  • Adverse Childhood Experiences & Resilience
  • Understanding Trauma and Informed Approaches  
  • Developing Awareness of Attachment & Bonding
  • Resourcefulness & Wellbeing
  • Therapeutic Care and Environments
  • Emotion Coaching for Learning, Care, Parents, Carers and Families
  • Healthy & Unhealthy Relationships
  • Communication, Attunement , Relationships, Empathic-Listening skills & knowledge development
  • Using the Arts Therapeutically and Creatively
  • Mental Health Promotion in Learning and Care Settings

 Imagine Inclusion work with and champion Staffordshire Virtual School, having developed networking and training across the county as well as offering bespoke assessment.

 Imagine inclusion work with Walsall Virtual School and have developed a Trauma Informed & Attachment Aware Audit Tool (from the Mental Health Charter Mark). 

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