Mental Health Charter -  Aston Audit Tool

The Mental Health Charter has been developed from years of research and it is a complete product that is ready to buy and use in a learning setting.

Once purchased, you will be provided with an in depth explanation as well as support should you need it.

This tool can be used for schools and colleges and other places where people are learning about things in school.

It's great for teachers to assess and improve their learning setting,  so why not use our Mental Health Charter?

Information about the Mental Health Charter.

  • Support and services for each area of the Mental Health Charter are available on request
  • The charter is available through an online format as well as offline and a printable copy
  • Storytelling and Therapeutic work with the arts
  • Mindful Emotion Coaching

Mental Health Workshops

One of our main priorities is promoting mental health in a positive way, whilst in learning settings.

We love to do workshops involving everyone in the learning setting. The workshop consists of gaining peoples perceptions of the learning setting's whole attitude to mental health, how the attitude can be improved or changed, what needs to happen in order for change to happen and what the the dream goal for mental health in your learning setting is.

The process makes sure everyone from the learning setting can have their say, another one of our main priorities - inclusion.



This is a brief outline of our Mental Health Charter. For more information or if you have any questions, please fill in the section below and we will get back to you as quickly as we can.



Walsall Attatchment Aware & Trauma Informed Audit Form

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